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The Importance Of A Nice Mattress

A Quality Mattress Is Key To Quality Rest

Everyone understands the importance of a good nights rest.  Maybe you don’t know, but we spend a full one-third of our lives asleep. “A mattress is so important since it’s the one thing that is closer to us than anything else when we are sleeping, during that one-third of our lifetime,” says Dr. Neil Kline, a board certified sleep physician and a spokesperson for the American Sleep Association.  We are dedicated to educating you on what you need to know to be sure you can count on yours to give you the best night’s sleep possible.

An uncomfortable mattress can and does negatively affect sleep.  We know that poor quality sleep has major consequences, read about it more here. If you’re waking up sweating or with neck, back or shoulder pain, your mattress is probably the culprit.

Keeping your spine aligned while sleeping is important in reducing muscle and joint pain. More importantly is, your mattress plays a role in regulating your body temperature overnight due to the stifled airflow caused when you snooze. So its fabric matters, too.

Leverage the reviews and tools on this site to find the right mattress for you.  From queen size mattress, King Size Mattresses and much more, we review and get in depth with what is important when it comes to finding a mattress.

I am so glad I replaced our mattress.  Not only has our sleep improved, but our lives and our relationship has improved remarkibly

John & Jane

If your bed is too firm or too soft, can lead to discomfort and interrupted sleep — and means it’s time for you to buy a new mattress.

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Quality Mattress Brands

These are some of our fans favorite mattress brands to enjoy

Molecule Sleep Products

Nectar Beds

 Brooklyn Bedding

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Find the best sleep with Nectar. The feel is described as medium-firm. Right in the middle of the firmness scale, providing the most comfort and support.

  • Works with all bed bases, from adjustable to platform, tradiational and boxspring.
  • Little to No Motion Transfer
  • Contanstant Air Flow 


*Pricing subject to change

King Size Mattress Sales

Best for big bedrooms and big people!  I am 6’8″ tall, so a king size bed is a must for me!  Once you go king size you don’t go back!

  • The largest standard mattress size
  • Allows 2 people to sleep very comfortably.
  • Allows for couples to have plenty of room
Average Price Amoung Brands

$999 – $1299

Queen Size Mattresses

This is the standard bed size seen in many master bedrooms, hotel rooms and guest rooms

  • Generally is the size of bed needed for average persons and couples
  • Fits in many bedrooms
  • Standsize is easiest for delivery and moveability.
Average Price Amoung Brands

$799 – $999

Twin Size Mattresses

Perfect for kids and shorter individuals (under 5′ 7).

  • Two Twin Beds can be pushed together to make a king
  • Fits in small bedrooms or extra rooms
  • Can be easily stored in closets.
Price Per Night

$599 – $799

Designer Uncovered helped me find the mattress of my dreams.  The options that exist today for home delivery and easy returns makes it a really easy experience to find the right mattress.